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We are Derbyshire based registered firearms dealers (RFDs). We can source and supply a vast range of firearms, ammunition and sound moderators to suit your requirements.

Knowledge and Experience

With our extensive experience in both civil and military firearms, data processing and mechanical design, we can help bring your project to fruition swiftly and effectively.

R+D and Manufacture

We have our own research and developement facility, workshops and machine shop. Complete with CAD capability - covering 2D, 3D, solid modelling and 4D simulation.

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UK Manufacturers of Rifle Muzzle Brakes and Sound Moderators


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Vorpal Solo

The base element of the Vorpal Muzzle Device Series. The Vorpal Solo is a highly effective muzzle brake providing rapid gas porting whilst maintaining a compact size.
Available to fit most muzzle threadforms, it can be left conveniently mounted to the rifle..
The heavy profile accessory thread allows for the easy mounting of the Vorpal Zephyr family of moderators, or for the Vorpal BLAST-E.R. muzzle blast effect reducer.
Alternatively, a thread protector is provided for when you want to use the Solo, solo.

Vorpal BLAST-E.R.

Vorpal BLAST-E.R.

As with all muzzle brakes, the high volume gas porting achieved by the Vorpal Solo can be unpleasant for your neighbour on the range. With the Vorpal BLAST-E.R. there is no need to remove your muzzle brake, simply spin on the BLAST-E.R. Fitting quickly and easily to the robust accessory thread of the Vorpal Solo, the BLAST-E.R. contains the vented gas momentarily and releases it forward.
Despite its appearance, the BLAST-E.R. is not intended as a moderator and no authority is required to possess it.

Vorpal Zephyr

Vorpal Zephyr

Available in a range of sizes, the all stainless Vorpal Zephyr moderator attaches directly to the accessory thread of the Vorpal Solo. Internal guide rails allow rapid alignment and fitting. The robust threadform guards against the damage found when attaching moderators to fine barrel threads. Removing and fitting the Zephyr can be done simply and easily at night or adverse conditions without danger of cross threading or muzzle damage. Available in natural stainless or black nitride finish. FAC variation required.

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